Before talking about Google ads, it’s important to know how Google works. With Google, it always starts with one person. People have a question that they want to know the answer to. They search on Google, and this is your opportunity to show your company, your products, or the solution your company provides. These are the things that Google puts for free because it knows any high-quality content is going to provide a solution.

The benefit of using Google Ads is to accelerate your results. Google puts at the top of the search results, paid ads. The way to go to the top of the search results on these paid ads is through the Google ads platform. To go to the top of the searches, you need to have a few advertising tools and a good strategy to set a Google Ads budget. Let us see the features and services Google Ads provides and why you should deploy them. And very importantly, we would tell you how to set your Google Ads budget.

First, let us know about the features of services the Google Ad Framework provides.

Google Ad PPC Service

You might tell Google that you want your ad to be on the top of the search results for certain keywords. And a keyword is whatever someone searches in Google. But Google wants to get paid for it. Let us say that you tell Google that you are going to give only 1 Dollar every time someone clicks on my ad. Now you don’t have to pay unless someone clicks on your ad. It’s a bidding system. Someone else might come along and say I will pay 10 Dollars then they will go to the top of the search results. This is the Pay Per Click Service that Google provides. It does get a little bit more complicated than that but the simple version is you pay Google every time someone clicks on your ad. There are pay-per-click agencies that work specifically on this field of SEO and Google rankings.

Google AdWords

This is nothing but the cover name for the above described Pay Per Click bidding system and the Google Display Network. PPC Service has been described already, so without wasting time let’s move on to the Google Display network. Google Display Network works in quite the opposite manner to the PPC Service. It does not show your ads to the users as the PPC service does. Instead, Google displays your ads over all those websites in its vast network where your target audience may be present. This furthers the reach of your ads and brand.

Google Ad Campaigns

Google Ad Campaigns are like any subscription plan. Each plan has its plus points, target field and audience, and pricing. Based on your marketing strategy and goals and the type of ad you want to showcase, several campaigns come with the Google Ads platform.

  1. Search Campaigns

It is a unique ‘made for you’ type of advertising plan. If you want to generate sales and direct people on your website who are looking for the services you provide.

  1. Display Campaigns

As the name suggests, you display your services and products in high-quality pictures and infographics and this helps you remarket your brand. You particularly stand out among thousands of other similar service providers.

  1. Video Campaigns

Simple enough, you showcase your video ads on YouTube and other platforms. Video ads are a very interactive form of marketing and generate very good leads.

  1. Shopping Campaigns

See that Shopping tab when you search on Google? That is another form of marketing you can go for. If you are a retailer and provide search-related goods, your products would appear in the very handy shopping tab on Google.

  1. Local Campaigns

A local campaign is a good way to balance your sales both online and offline. With this campaign, your ads will automatically show up in, of course, related search results, Google Maps, and YouTube which would direct the customers to your local offline shops.

  1. Smart Campaigns

This one is the modern classic of the tech world. The keyword here is automatic. That is, Google would automatically optimize and manage all your ads and give you the best outcome of the time and money you invest.

Now is the right time to discuss the trick, tips, and strategies to optimize your Google Ad budget.

Google Ads Budget Optimisation

Your Google Ads budget depends on how you bid it and also on your quality score. Your budget is how much you spend on advertising. Your bids will be a part of determining how much you spend for each click on your website. Ad Rank can be determined by your quality score and your bid. Last but not the least, apart from all these, your keywords will also decide your Google ads budget and it has a huge impact. To optimize your budget to not overflow your advertising inventory, you got to be very specific on how you use the above-said services.

You can also set your budget at the campaign level as discussed under the above heading. You will need to set a daily budget in Google AdWords and Google Ads will pace your daily budget over the month. With shared budgets through the Google Ads Shared Library, you can set a daily budget and apply it to multiple campaigns.

Strategies and Tips to Set Google Ads Budget

  • Target Specific Keywords – If you go after very specific keywords by doing an exact match, what will happen is your ads will only show up for those specific keywords. When you go far-reaching, you are going to end up paying more per click. Google is going to show your ads to a lot of people who are not clicking. Create a balance by relating to the services you provide.
  • Negative Keywords – Check your content for negative keywords. For example, you are selling any electronic device. When someone types Apple in the sense of the fruit Apple, but, since you are a reseller of Apple electronic devices, this keyword – ‘Apple’ serves you negatively. This is a negative keyword and you are wasting your money on it.
  • Click-Through Rate – Google optimizes for their revenue. So, if your click-through rate is high, your ads will be cheap, and your quality score will increase. So, all of it is related. Provide useful quality content and you would have to pay less to get more runs on your products.
  • Optimize Your Ad Text – If your ad text gets more clicks than the competitors, your cost per click (CPC) will go down. This means you have to pay less. By hit and trial, you can figure out what works and what doesn’t. Always remember, a good title and heading is your face on the internet.
  • Landing Page – If your landing page is attractive when people click on your ads, there are better chances that they would go to your landing page and buy your product. If your landing page sucks and people keep bouncing off, your quality score is going to decrease and thus your sales.

The Conclusion

Google Ads helps you to promote your brand or products all around the world. Google Ads has a lot of benefits. To compete with the competitors, you should always be prepared with modern advertising tools and techniques, and strategies. I hope it’s clear for you after reading this blog, on what factors you should focus on before investing in Google ads and how to optimize them.


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