Google Analytics is a free web analytics service, used to track website performance, providing website owners with basic statistics and analytics for search engine optimization and marketing. Google Analytics is popular among small and medium businesses, particularly retail websites. By collecting website visitors’ insight, it can help businesses to determine top sources of user traffic, gauging the success of their marketing, track goal completions, discover patterns and trends in user engagement and obtain visitor demographics.

Google Analytics can track up to 200 different metrics to evaluate website performance, including: –
● Users or unique visitors to the website
● Bounce rate or the percentage of visitors who only viewed a single page before exiting out.
● Average session duration or the average time each visitor stays on the site.
● Pages per session or the average number of page views per user session.
● Goal completion of times visitors completed or specification as defined by the company and many others.

Google Analytics could tell a retail company when customers added products to carts or tell a marketing site when a visitor submits a contact information. For tracking specific goals like these is usually helpful to businesses than a general metric like page views. Google Analytics also offers features that help users make sense of the data, like data visualizations and monitoring tools, data filtering, predictive analytics, custom reports for advertising and many more.

Google Analytics is free, powerful, and user-friendly. For more updates related to your website, stay connected with Taarefa Designing.


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